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Kandy: Sanrio Snowy Dreams by Mighty Jaxx (1x Blindbox)

12900 kr

Kandy: Sanrio Snowy Dreams by Mighty Jaxx (1x Blindbox)

Open up a box of Kandy surprises! 

Experience the sweetness of every season with Kandy x Sanrio’s Funboxx series. Each of the four seasons is celebrated with iconic treats, and the Snowy Dreams edition is the perfect way to kick off the collection.

Hello Kitty and her friends take on winter with this adorable opening edition. Each character is half transparent, revealing their unique personality and a different type of sweetness inside. From the classic taste of candy canes to the comforting flavor of eggnog, this collection captures the essence of the season and character identity! Don't miss out on this chance to experience the sweetness of winter with Hello Kitty and her friends!

Artist Jason Freeny
Release 2023
Dimensions 10cm
Material Vinyl
Brand Mighty Jaxx
Rarity Rares & Ultra Rares