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The Acrylic Box: Premium 6mm Funko Pop Acrylic Case

SKU: AcrylicBox-0003
13900 kr

Premium Acrylic Box for Funko Pop protection

The Acrylic Box’ has designed a POP protector for the passionate collectors. Created with great attention to detail, no glue bubbles and high UV resistance this is your chance to elevate your collecting journey. The Pop is designed for strength to create greater durability, display and protection.  This POP protector is designed for those who not take the protection of their valued POP’s lightly.
The model is designed of virgin acrylic materials to hold up against stains, dips, cracks and scratches.

  • Greater scratch resistance due to Virgin Acrylic Materials.
  • Easy access with N52-grade magnets.
  • Tested to hold 100+ KG with no damage to the POP.
  • Ultra-clear transparency for stunning presentation.
  • Polished corners for a smooth touch.
  • Unique 6MM Thickness (The Acrylic Box only)
Artist -
Release -
Dimensions 6mm
Material Acrylic
Brand The Acrylic Box
Rarity -