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Shun Sudo 400% & 100% Bearbrick set by Medicom Toys

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Shun Sudo 400% & 100% Bearbrick set by Medicom Toys

Medicom Toys and Shun Sudo team up for an amazing chaotic bearbrick. Born in Tokyo in 1977, Shun Sudo currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. Sudo moved to the U.S. in his 20s and taught himself art techniques while traveling around the world. 

Sudo’s artistic practice, centered on painting, is composed of an extremely diverse range of multiple elements, including elements inherited from the Japanese and American pop and street cultures that deeply influenced him in the process of growing up, such as skateboarding, graffiti, manga, and anime, as well as elements inspired by Japanese painting and sumi-e (ink painting), traditionally developed in Japan and the Orient, which are related to his own roots, and elements taken from past art movements and art trends through independent study of the history of modern and contemporary art, particularly in the West. In Sudo’s work, these elements are intermingled in a harmonious way, while retaining their remarkable heterogeneity.
In this sense, his works embody the possibility of a new type of “fine art” that transcends the conventional dichotomy between “high art” and “low art.” In addition, Sudo’spaintings, which at first glance appear to be descended from Pop Art, contain a criticality toward social and political situations, which has tended to be avoided in conventional “Pop Art,” through his unique perspective.

The 400% & 100% Bearbrick set - Shun Sudo by Medicom Toys is a limited edition.
    Artist Shun Sudo
    Release 2023
    Dimensions 28 cm (400%)
    Material PVC Plastic
    Brand Medicom Toys
    Rarity Limited Edition