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MiVi 1986 Bubble Bobble Vinyl Series Blue - Open Mouth PRE-ORDER SHIPS Q2 2024

74900 kr

Bubble Bobble 'Bob' with open mouth

Presale runs through Q2 2024. Orders will begin to ship Q2 2024.

Look forward to the MiVi 1986 Bubble Bobble Vinyl Series Blue - Open Mouth, a captivating vinyl art toy that embodies the essence of 'Bob', the iconic blue character from the cherished Bubble Bobble game. This collectible features Bob in an engaging open-mouth pose, poised to unleash his signature bubble attacks. Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors, this piece adds a nostalgic flair and a pop of color to any collection. Celebrate the golden age of arcade gaming with this exquisite blue variant of Bob, a standout addition to your vinyl art toy collection or gaming memorabilia.

Artist Mivi Taito
Release 2024
Dimensions 135mm X 125mm X 115mm
Material Vinyl
Brand MiVi Taito
Rarity Limited Edition: 99 pieces