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Gremlins Stripe - Cute - 100% Bearbrick Series 43

13900 kr

Gremlins Stripe - Cute - 100% Bearbrick Series 43

Discover the mischievous charm of Stripe, the iconic Gremlin, with our latest 100% Bearbrick from the Blindbox Series 43. This collector's item captures the essence of Stripe, featuring his distinctive white mohawk and sly expression, encapsulating the playful yet chaotic nature of the beloved character from Gremlins. Perfect for fans and collectors, this Bearbrick adds a touch of nostalgia and adventure to your collection.

This is an open blindbox figure from the Bearbrick series 43

We have carefully opened each blindbox (and sometimes the card) to reveal the character living inside. You will receive the item displayed in the 1st picture on the slideshow.

Artist Artist
Release 2021
Dimensions 7,5cm (100%)
Material PVC Plastic
Brand Medicom Toys
Rarity -