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Cherrysh Pin (Yellow) (Soft Enamel) by Creamlab

SKU: PIN-0006
7500 kr

Cherrysh Pin (Red) (Soft Enamel) by Creamlab

This is the Cherrysh Pin, designed by Creamlab.

We all love someone, this also goes for Cher & Rysh, the siamese twin Cherries. They love each other and are always happy no matter what adventure they go on. But looking as sweet as they do, they will not stand a chance in this hard cold world.

The Cherrysh pin is a black dyed Soft Enamel pin sized 1.2" x 1.2" (30 x 30 mm) and comes with a self-locking back, designed & produced by Creamlab.

The Cherrysh pin by Creamlab is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. 

Artist Creamlab
Release 2022
Dimensions 30 x 30 mm
Material Soft Enamel
Brand Creamlab
Rarity Limited Edition: 100 pieces